Friday, February 19, 2016

Fast armor: How to Have Iron Armor in Three Minecraft Days!

Son the Pro: Right when you spawn, grab wood from some trees. Make all of your wood planks exept for a few. Make 8 sticks and 12 planks at the least and craft a pickaxe. Get 20 stone and get back to your table. Make a furnace and a stone pickaxe. All you need now is iron. Get torches with the trunk you haven't made into planks into charcoal by smelting it in the furnace with extra planks you have. Craft torches with all but 2 sticks to use for an iron pickaxe later on so you can get diamonds. Now, just mine iron. 24 is enough for a complete set of armor, so get that and smelt it.

          PvP mode, here we come!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Idea behind our blog...

Newbie Mom: We have hit a wall since Lil Ebear was born. Before we had a gardening blog and did a lot of outside activities and fun indoor crafts/experiments. It has taken us a little over a year to get back to some semblance of normal in our house. Somehow, we have made it through the difficult first year and are ready to jump back into supplemental learning. The problem was that Pro Man E would rather sit around and play video games- namely Minecraft. This caused some arguments and tension. So, if you can't beat them join them. Thus, the quest to link it to learning began... admittedly a little rocky at first. Now, we have reached a compromise: A Minecraft blog. Shew! Maybe, just maybe, I have found a way to allow him to be himself, but still grow. *fingers crossed* What do I know about Minecraft? Well, over winter break I spent part of the day learning some basics (Son the Pro was not amused- in fact my slow pace was probably painful to him). I do know there are cute little worlds you can get like a crochet or candy world. The little sheepies are so cute in the crochet world!! There are animals, crops, many landscapes, scary bad guys (a huge spider!!) and you can mine materials and craft items from them. That is pretty much all I know. See, Son the Pro, I remembered some of

I will try to come up with (and find on the internet) ideas to help you connect learning with Minecraft. I am shooting for history, math, English (reading/writing), and science.

Son the Pro: I used to be really active, painting, running around, and reading a lot. But being 10 with a screaming sister did it to me. Our gardening blog was slowing down. I was playing Smash Bros. a lot, but not too much, and I was thanking the creators of Youtube. One faithful day, my Wii U said Minecraft was on it. Finally I could play another version!( My Kindle Fire did have Minecraft, but the kindle fried three or four years ago.) By now I was becoming pro, getting iron armour in five Minecraft days flat. By now, I was playing WAY too much. My mom never liked it, either. But soon, Newbie Mom and Son the Pro was on a screen.
I'll give you tips that my age can relate to. Count on me to give you Minecraft info and how-to's. Give me a question and I'll try to answer! :)