Friday, February 19, 2016

Fast armor: How to Have Iron Armor in Three Minecraft Days!

Son the Pro: Right when you spawn, grab wood from some trees. Make all of your wood planks exept for a few. Make 8 sticks and 12 planks at the least and craft a pickaxe. Get 20 stone and get back to your table. Make a furnace and a stone pickaxe. All you need now is iron. Get torches with the trunk you haven't made into planks into charcoal by smelting it in the furnace with extra planks you have. Craft torches with all but 2 sticks to use for an iron pickaxe later on so you can get diamonds. Now, just mine iron. 24 is enough for a complete set of armor, so get that and smelt it.

          PvP mode, here we come!

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